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Description Used to add units to a Warfare factory. If the unit already exists, the values will be updated. Parameters: Side – East, West, or Resistance Type – “Barracks”, “Light”, “Heavy”, “Aircraft”, “WingedAircraft”, “Depot”. Classname – Config classname (Example “USMC_Soldier” or “RU_Soldier”). Cost – Cost of unit. Empty cost for vehicles. Build time – Time […]

Adding Units to Warfare Factories

A while back I did a series of posts explaining how to add custom units to the Warfare modules’ Aircraft factory. see customizing-the-warfare-aircraft-factory-part-1 customizing-the-warfare-aircraft-factory-part-2 customizing-the-warfare-aircraft-factory-part-3 It was long and involved and while correct, there is an easier way. So if you haven’t read those posts, read this one first and decide which one works for your mission. The premise for this […]

Increasing AI Awareness with Locations

All stock Arma maps and most custom maps have locations hard coded into the Map data. These locations are classified by type and can tell your script about nearby towns, hills, vineyards etc. Using the maps locations you can attempt to script some more strategic decisions for your AI. This could be of particular use […]

Customizing The Warfare Aircraft Factory Part 3.

Appending Units to the Aircraft Factory. Last time I removed all the units from the Warfare Aircraft Factory and replaced them with a custom set of helicopters. Now if instead I wanted to keep the stock roster of units available in the factory, but just append my custom units, I’d have to make a few […]

Customizing The Warfare Aircraft Factory Part 2.

Scripting The Warfare Module. Last post I placed the basic units in the mission editor and got everything setup for my Warfare mission. (See Customizing The Warfare Aircraft Factory Part 1.) Now I’m going to create the custom scripting required to add a BAF lite CH-47 to the Warfare Aircraft Factory. This is a basic […]