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Random City Ownership In The Arma II Warfare Module.

How To Set City Ownership With Random Start Locations. Last week I played with setting City ownership in the Warfare module using location game logics synchronized to individual cities. If you are using random start locations static city ownership at the start may not be what you want for your mission. The Warfare module offers […]

Setting City Ownership in the Arma II Warfare Mission.

How to Change City Ownership at the Start of a Custom Warfare Mission. By default the Arma II Warfare Module sets town or city ownership at the start of the mission. If you would like to change who controls a city at the start of your custom Warfare mission this can be done either with […]

Controlling AI with Voice Commands.

Using Speech Recognition To Control An Arma II AI Squad. For single player gaming, nothing I’ve encountered compares to commanding a squad of Arma AI using voice commands. When things get hairy its good fun and rather immersive to start yelling out commands and have your squad perform as directed (hopefully). Software for Arma 2 […]

Building a Computer to Play Arma 2: Operation Arrowhead.

Building Myself a Custom Computer So I can Play Arma II: Operation Arrowhead. I’m finally going to break down and build myself a new machine. After 5 years or so of playing ArmA and everything else with the graphics settings on “I Am Poor And/Or Cheap” I’m going to pry open the wallet. The Best […]

Creating Arma II Warfare Starting Locations.

How to create starting locations for the Warfare Module. If you are building a Warfare Mission on a custom map you may find that the map maker has not configured any start locations for the Warfare Module. Without these your mission will always spawn the player at the exact location the unit was placed in […]