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Creating an Airport Factory in Arma II Warfare

Using a script to Create an Airport Factory

I was poking around in the Warfare example missions last night and noticed how BIS was using the Airport factory.

The Warfare 1 Editing Guide

What I realized was that the Warfare 1 scripts from ArmA are available in the Warefare Module in Arma II. In this case Server_UpdateAirport.sqf. Somehow I had missed this.

See Warfare 1 Editing Guide

Creating an Aircraft Factory

The first step is to insert an Aircraft Factory which can be found in the editor under F1, empty, Warfare Objects. In the object’s Initialize field BIS placed the following script:

nullReturn = [this,Localize "str_wf2_gl_airport"] ExecVM "ca\Warfare2\Scripts\Server\Server_UpdateAirport.sqf";
this SetVariable ["markerName","Airport1LocationMarker"];

Once the factory is inserted place a marker on the Aircraft Factory and name it Airport1LocationMarker, same as in the SetVariable line above.

This will create a capture-able, undefended Aircraft Factory.


ArmA Warfare 1 Editing Guide
Arma II Sample mission: WarfareExampleMinimal

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Web Based Mission Builder for Arma II & ArmA

Online Mission Builder

William has created a thing that I can only describe as brilliant. A web based, drag and drop, combined arms mission planner/mission generator.

What is Planned Assault?

What William hasn’t done is replicate the ArmA/Arma II mission editor on a web site. It’s more abstract than that. With 10 simple steps you can be playing a fully complete mission – with no scripting from you. You won’t even have to place a single waypoint. What you will have to do is decide what units are available to both sides, place their starting positions on the map then place the attack and defend objectives. The mission planner then analyzes the terrain, plans out the combined arms assault then builds the mission for download. The resulting mission has waypoints, markers, scripts and a full briefing. If you don’t like the result, since the mission is saved on the site you can go back, make changes and re-generate the mission.

My First Planned Assault Mission

Before you can create a mission you first have to create an account at Don’t register with a hotmail account, because you may never get the confirmation email. I had to use my gmail account.

For my first misson I chose to create a plain vanilla ArmA mission with no addons. If you would like to try before you sign up grab it or one of the others I’m tinkering with.

mission_Operation_Lema – requires ArmA, no mods

mission_Operation_Golf – requires ArmA and A.C.E. mod. Not tested!

mission_Operation_Hotel – requires Arma II, no mods. Not tested!

I haven’t tested the last two missions I created yet, so download them and let me know how they work out for you.

Official forum entry
bug reports – it is still beta, bound to be a few bugs

Dynamic AI Creator Helicopter Zones for JCOVE Lite

Spawning Helicopters with DAC

DAC allows you to spawn helicopter groups in a manner that is similar to how infantry, wheeled and tracked vehicle groups are spawned. There are differences however.

Setting up a Helicopter Spawn Zone

Just as I did with civilians I insert a trigger into my sample mission and configure it as before, but with the name “blu1” and the On Act. script as follows:

On Act.: [“blu1”,[20,0,0,150,150],[],[],[ ],[2,1,0],[1,0,1,0]]exec “DAC\Scripts\DAC_Init_Zone.sqs”

  • [20,0,0,150,150] 20 is the DAC zone ID number, not linked to other zones yet.
  • [2,1,0] tells the DAC_Init_Zone script that I want to spawn 2 groups of size 1 (2-4 units per group), with 0 waypoints assigned each group. Note that unlike previous zones helicopter zones handle waypoints differently – no pool of waypoints.
  • [1,0,1,0] this parameter tells the script that the helicopters are on side 1 (West), unit config type 0 (JCOVE blufor units) behaviour 1 (west), spawn camp type 0

I’ve chosen a smaller group size so I could end up with no transport helicopters, as the size of group determines type of chopper (chosen by capacity).

Waypoint Only Zones

When I setup my blu1 helicopter spawn zone I specified that I wanted 0 waypoints assigned to the groups. This is because I didn’t want my helicopters moving back & forth in my little spawn zone. The helicopters would be available for support calls, but other wise wouldn’t go anywhere. To make things a bit more interesting I’m going to create a waypoint only zone with no AI spawning and link it to my helicopter zone blu1. To do this I insert a trigger on the west side of the map and configure it as before, except the name is  “blu2” and the On Act. script as follows:

On Act.: [“blu2”,[20,0,0,150,5000],[],[],[ ],[2],[1,0,1,0]]exec “DAC\Scripts\DAC_Init_Zone.sqs”

  • 20 is the same DAC zone ID number as my previous zone “blu1”. This links the two zones.
  • 2 is the number of waypoints that will be assigned to each group from the “blu”1 zone. Note that no units will be spawned in zone “blu2”.


Sample JCOVE mission created in this article: Morning Sweep v1.2

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