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Building a Computer to Play Arma 2: Operation Arrowhead.

Building Myself a Custom Computer So I can Play Arma II: Operation Arrowhead.

I’m finally going to break down and build myself a new machine. After 5 years or so of playing ArmA and everything else with the graphics settings on “I Am Poor And/Or Cheap” I’m going to pry open the wallet.

The Best Graphics Card For Arma 2

The Operation Arrowhead system requirements as listed by the Canadian Distributor Meridian4 are

Nvidia Geforce 8600GT or ATI Radeon 3650 or faster with Shader Model 3 and 512 MB VRAM

Now I’ve played Arma II with a Geforce GT 220 and it was mostly ok at 1024×768, Normal Settings. It was a bit choppy at times so I can’t see myself buying anything slower.  Of course the high end cards cost more than my mortgage payment and so are a bit hard to justify. I’ve settled on a compromise; the EVGA GeForce GTX 460 with 1024MB of ram. If OA isn’t playable on this card I can always apply to EVGA’s StepUp program and pay the difference for a faster card.

What CPU to Buy for Arma 2?

Again the system requirements are listed as:

Intel Core 2.4 GHz or AMD Dual-Core Athlon 2.5 GHz

I’ve played Arma II on a Pentum D 2.8GHz and the CPU didn’t appear to be a bottleneck. So I’m thinking of getting the Intel Quad-Core i7 920
2.66GHz. I had thought of going with an i5, but apparently the i7 has better multitasking performance.

The Motherboard, RAM etc.

I’m looking at a ASUS P6T SE Motherboard with either 2GB or 4GB of ram. I may be able to reuse my powersupply, case and HD; though I don’t think my power supply has the required 2 6-pin PCI-E power plugs for the video card.

Cost of the Upgrade.

I estimate the cost of my upgrade to be around:

  1. Graphics card $240
  2. CPU $270
  3. Motherboard $240
  4. RAM $85

Estimated Total Cost $835 plus taxes.

I’ll let you know how this works out for me.

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