Mission Review: Election Day

I was over at www.jcove-lite.co.uk and grabbed a mission to try out. Thought I’d try and write a quick little mission review.

Mission Details:

Scenario Name: Election Day
Author: W0lle
Scenario Type:
Cooperative for 1 – 12 Players
Island: As Samawah
Side: West
Respawn: Group
Required: JCOVE Lite or VBS2 v1.18+
Features: Random time, random weather conditions

The objective for this mission is quite simple. On election day your section is tasked with protecting a polling station from insurgents. There is a selection of vehicles available to you, the heaviest of which is a mastiff. Support consists of an aid station and medic.

The layout of the polling station, equipment selection and objectives give this mission a realistic feel. At least more so than the usual rambo wins the war type missions.

Despite its simplicity the mission can still be a challenge. I played this mission twice in single player and even though I managed to eliminate the insurgents I failed to protect the civilians. I’m sure Multiplayer would have been more interesting, but my regular lan gaming group have no interest in this sort of game so I couldn’t try it.

But If you’re looking for a 20 minute challenge a bit different than the norm, go grab the mission from www.jcove-lite.co.uk.