Dynamic AI Creator OpFor Zones for JCOVE Lite

Dynamic AI Creator ( DAC )

Using DAC to spawn OpFor AI is exactly the same as I’ve done for civilians, but with more options and potential. This week I’m going to create three OpFor spawn zones and link two of them together. I’ll build on the mission I created last week, so see this post if you need instructions on how to setup DAC.

Creating OpFor Zones

As I did with civilians in the last post, I’m going to insert triggers in my village to create OpFor zones. The differences will be in the size, name and On Act. script, otherwise the triggers are exactly the same.

Settings for my 1st OpFor Zone:

Name: op1

Axis a: 150

Axis b: 150

On Act.: [“op1“,[10,0,0,150,150],[2,2,10,4],[],[ ],[ ],[2,2,2,0]]exec “DAC\Scripts\DAC_Init_Zone.sqs”

I’ve highlighted in red the parameters that are different from my previously created civilian zone.

  • “op1”: name of the trigger, must be unique
  • [10,0,0,150,150]: 10 is the DAC zone ID number. 150 is the trigger’s a & b axis (the size of the zone)
  • [2,2,10,4]:  This tells DAC that I want; 2 infantry groups with size 2 (2-6 units per group), 10 total waypoints, 4 waypoints assigned to each group.
  • [2,2,2,0]: sets the zone’s AI to; side Resistance, Resistance Units, Resistance behaviour.

Linking Zones

Linking zones will combine all the waypoints in the zones into one pool and make them available for all the units in the linked zones. To link zones all I have to do is use the same DAC zone ID number in my On Act. call to DAC_Init_Zone.sqs.


op1 On Act.: [“op1“,[10,0,0,150,150],[2,2,10,4],[],[ ],[ ],[2,2,2,0]]exec “DAC\Scripts\DAC_Init_Zone.sqs”

op2 On Act.: [“op2“,[10,0,0,150,150],[2,2,10,4],[],[ ],[ ],[2,2,2,0]]exec “DAC\Scripts\DAC_Init_Zone.sqs”

By using the same DAC zone ID number 10 I’ve linked these zones, giving the groups spawned in them access to a pool of 20 waypoints  ( 10 from op1 + 10 from op2).

Non-linked Zones

For my third zone I want to generate wheeled vehicles available for support to the other two zones, but otherwise I don’t want the wheeled vehicles to be around zones op1 and op2.

Name: op3

On Act.: [“op3”,[11,0,0,150,150],[],[3,2,6,2],[ ],[ ],[2,2,2,0]]exec “DAC\Scripts\DAC_Init_Zone.sqs”

Because I’m using 11 as my DAC zone ID number,  zone op3 is not linked to zones op1/op2. Therefore zone op3 does not share waypoints, but DAC will make the units available for support calls from zones op1/op2.

If you have any questions feel free to send me an email or post a comment.


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