DAC AI Artillery Support for JCOVE Lite

How to setup the Dynamic AI Creator script for AI artillery support.

Unlike support for the player, AI artillery support calls with DAC are not accomplished with just one script call. Internally DAC will handle when the artillery is called by the AI. What is called is specified in the zone configuration, DAC_Config_Behaviour.sqf and DAC_Config_Arti.sqf.

Editing the Scripts

I’ve already inserted an artillery unit into my mission and edited the DAC_Config_Arti.sqf to specify the artillery support mission parameters (case 9). Now I’m going to create a new behavior with that artillery mission as the support option.

To do this I open up the DAC_Config_Behaviour.sqf in the DAC\Configs folder of my mission. For my new behavior to keep things easy I’m going to copy an existing behaviour in the config (I’ll copy case 1) and call it case 4 (see code below)

 case 4:
_setSkill   = [0.3,0.9];
_setCombat  = ["white","yellow"];
_setBehav   = ["safe","aware"];
_setSpeed   = ["limited","normal","full"];
_setForm    = ["line","vee","column","wedge","stag column","ech left","ech right","file","diamond"];
_setFleeing = [0,50];
_setHeliVal = [45,100,0.7,1];
_setPause   = [[1,5],[1,5],[1,5],[20,30,5,5],[1,3],[0,0]];
_setBldgBeh = [0,50,120,600];
_setPatrol  = ["35 + (20 * (skill _leader))","(30 + (random 30)) + ((skill _leader) * 50)"];
_setSearch  = ["20 + ((skill _leader) * 150)","30 + ((skill _leader) * 50)"];
_setSupport = [1,9];
_setJoin    = 2;
_setEmpVeh  = [[100,100],[100,100]];

The only change I’ll make is to _setSupport which I changed to 9, corresponding to the artillery support mission I created last week in DAC_Config_Arti.sqf .

Setting Up the AI Zone

To spawn the AI that will use my new behavior I copied one of my existing triggers. I changed the name of the trigger to “blu3” and edited the init script to the following:

["blu3",[21,0,0,100,100],[],[1,3,2,2],[ ],[],[1,0,4,0]]exec "DAC\Scripts\DAC_Init_Zone.sqs"
Here 4 corresponds to my newly created case 4 in my DAC_Config_Behaviour.sqf

DAC Artillery

DAC Artillery


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