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New Features on db’s Sandbox

Forums and Mission Repository I’ve added a few new features to my little Sandbox. The Arma Mission Repository The mission repository is where I’m going to be putting all my sample missions, instead of having them linked here and there all over the blog. The cool thing though is people can upload missions as well. […]

db’s Sandbox And Google+

I’ve been playing around a bit with Google+ this week and I’m liking it much more than Facebook. Actually I think I’ve used Google+ more in one week than I’ve ever used Facebook. One feature I’m particularly fond of is Circles. It allows me to organize people into groups and control what gets shared to […]

db’s Sandbox Gets A New Look.

New Layout For My Arma Blog. It was a matter of necessity, not style. The WordPress theme I had been using previously was a bit heavy and slowing down the whole blog. This wasn’t a problem back when I was the only one reading it, but last month my little blog served up almost 9000 […]

db’s Arma Sandbox Translated.

I’ve Added Translated┬áPages To My Arma Blog. I’ve used Google translate to take my all English blog and give it a more international appeal. Now you can take my badly written English and have Google poorly translate it into the language of your choice. Or at least into the language represented┬áby the flags on the […]