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Arma II from Bohemia Interactive Studios (BIS)

Why I Suck As An Arma 2 Pilot.

Image by The U.S. Army via Flickr Improving My Arma 2 Piloting Skills. It’s a hard admission to make, but my piloting skills are lacking. Now that I’ve upgraded my computer, I can no longer blame slow hardware for my poor piloting performance. So I’ve decided it’s time to upgrade my piloting skills. My weak […]

Upgrading To Play Arma 2 Operation Arrowhead.

Finally after much patient waiting I got my new computer parts yesterday. I yanked everything out of my old box and stuffed in the new parts. As I thought when I first started contemplating upgrading my computer, I needed to replace my power supply as well. Here is what I ended up buying: EVGA Nvidia […]

Building a Computer to Play Arma 2: Operation Arrowhead.

Building Myself a Custom Computer So I can Play Arma II: Operation Arrowhead. I’m finally going to break down and build myself a new machine. After 5 years or so of playing ArmA and everything else with the graphics settings on “I Am Poor And/Or Cheap” I’m going to pry open the wallet. The Best […]

Creating Arma II Warfare Starting Locations.

How to create starting locations for the Warfare Module. If you are building a Warfare Mission on a custom map you may find that the map maker has not configured any start locations for the Warfare Module. Without these your mission will always spawn the player at the exact location the unit was placed in […]

Cities with the Arma II Warfare Module.

How to use the Arma II warfare module with Cities. If you are trying to build a warfare mission on a custom map, it is possible that the map has no city locations configured on it. This is the case with the Beta 10×10 Helmand Valley by Kinno that I started building my warfare mission […]