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Arma II from Bohemia Interactive Studios (BIS)

Stopping the ACM Module From Spawning In An Area.

How to limit the Spawn Area of the Arma2 ACM Editor Module. Last week I added the Ambient Combat Manager Module to my A10 practice mission. Now I need to limit the ACM module so it doesn’t spawn AI right on the airfield. The quickest way to do this is by using markers to blacklist […]

Changing The Settings For The Arma2 ACM Module.

Changing The Settings For The Ambient Combat Manager Module. The Arma 2 Ambient Combat Manager (ACM) editor module spawns random patrols in the area around the player to simulate a larger conflict. The ACM module handles the random generation, waypoints and cleanup of the AI squads without having to insert the units manually into the […]

Changing The Settings For The Arma2 SOM Module.

Changing The Settings For The Secondary Operations Manager Module. To help me improve my Arma II flying skills I threw together a mission using the SOM Editor Module. SOM generates random Secondary Operations (SecOps) that I complete while I fly around in an A-10. The problem I have is the SOM module’s default settings are […]

Getting The Arma II AI To Takeoff And Land.

How To Get AI Pilots to Use The Airport. A while back I was chatting with a reader of this blog (Robert) about AI pilots and how to get them to take off and land from the airports. Robert suggested other people may be interested and that I should write up a post. So I […]

Adding Units & Equipment To A Custom Warfare Mission.

How to add playable units, AI and equipment to a Custom Warfare Mission. It is possible to add additional multi-player units and equipment and AI units to a custom built Warfare mission. For a simple mission usually all you have to do is insert the units into the mission editor and synchronize them to the […]