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ArmA: Armed Assault

ArmA: Armed Assault

Dynamic AI Creator for JCOVE Lite

Dynamic AI Creator ( DAC ) DAC is a suite of scripts originally created for Operation Flashpoint by the folks over at Mapfact.net then later ported to ArmA. At it’s most basic, DAC allows the mission builder to dynamically spawn groups of AI and waypoints, but DAC’s features are many. Too many to list, so […]

Guard Waypoint

Guard Waypoint The guard waypoint is used to instruct one or more AI groups to defend a particular location. Only one group will defend the location at a time, but when the first group is defeated the second will move in to defend. The guard waypoint is designed to be used with the ‘Guarded by‘ […]

Starting a Mission in a Parachute

Starting a Mission in a Parachute To have the player start an ArmA mission in a deployed parachute is quite easy. Select F1 to insert a unit, choose your side and for Class select Air. Select parachute as the Unit type. Make sure you set Special to flying, and you will start the mission as […]