New Features on db’s Sandbox

Forums and Mission Repository

I’ve added a few new features to my little Sandbox.

The Arma Mission Repository

The mission repository is where I’m going to be putting all my sample missions, instead of having them linked here and there all over the blog. The cool thing though is people can upload missions as well.

 Up till now when people have questions about their missions I’ll usually get them to email it to me. That has sort of worked. Now though members can upload their missions and anyone can take a look at them and help out.

The only requirement is that you register on my site as a member. This should keep the ne’er-do-wells out.

So go ahead and upload a mission, then head over to the forums and let us know about it.

The Forums

I’ve been keeping the comments open on my blog posts instead locking them. This has worked out quite well. However… there is a tendency over time for the comments to drift away from the content of the post. On some topics the comments are longer than the post. So I setup the forums for discussion and I’m hoping that the comments will be used for things more specific to the post. We’ll see how it works out.

Again you can register an account on my Sandbox to comment, or you can sign in with your facebook, google, twitter and other accounts.

Leave a comment below and let me know what you think about all this.