db’s Sandbox Gets A New Look.

New Layout For My Arma Blog.

It was a matter of necessity, not style. The WordPress theme I had been using previously was a bit heavy and slowing down the whole blog. This wasn’t a problem back when I was the only one reading it, but last month my little blog served up almost 9000 pages. Not bad for a site that is essentially notes to myself. (I know of meatloaf recipes that get more traffic than my site, so I don’t let it go to my head.)

Procrastination, Blogging and the Approach of Winter.

Time is a funny thing. I’m going about my life and then I notice that three months have passed without me posting anything new. I swear it felt like one week had passed since my last post.

I could offer up the usual excuses, apologies and promises. Really it’s just the standard mix of priorities and procrastination. (Too much of one, not enough of the other).

db in construction safety gear

db Under Construction

Right now my top priority is to finish my home renovation. I’m currently at the “gut the entire house down to the studs” phase. I have to get this finished quickly because the thought of only plywood sheeting between myself and a Canadian winter does not appeal to me.

I do have a bunch of Arma II related stuff I’ve been working on though. It’s just a matter of less procrastination and more typing. My plan then is to get at least one post a month finished until I get my renovations to a more winter ready state.

Having said that you know I’m going to use my ongoing construction project as an excuse when I don’t post regularly.