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Darren Brant is an obsessive compulsive gamer who spends way too much time tinkering with ArmA & Arma II.

Creating a Simple Mission

One of the new Arma II features I’ve been interested in are the editor modules. To try them out I’m going to walk through building a simple single player mission. I’m particularly interested in the Dynamic Object and Secondary Operations modules. If you are following along I’m assuming that you are familiar with the basics […]

The Arma II warfare mission – setting starting money and supplies.

Back at it again last night, though I didn’t accomplish much. I did figure out two things though. Starting Equipment. When testing I noticed that the UH-1Y that I had placed in the mission editor respawned automatically without me having to buy it. While this is handy, it may be a bit too easy and […]

Adventures in editing – The Arma II warfare mission.

My gaming group and I have been playing the Arma II warfare mission, called 05 Superpowers for the last few weeks. We’ve been enjoying the mission, but this week they asked if  we could make a few changes. helicopters at the start of the mission or sooner helicopter factory creation (hey its a really big […]