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Darren Brant is an obsessive compulsive gamer who spends way too much time tinkering with ArmA & Arma II.

Twitter Digest for 2010-05-31 to 2010-06-06

db’s Sandbox: Arma Twitter Digest for 2010-05-31 to 2010-06-06

Creating an Airport Factory in Arma II Warfare

Using a script to Create an Airport Factory I was poking around in the Warfare example missions last night and noticed how BIS was using the Airport factory. The Warfare 1 Editing Guide What I realized was that the Warfare 1 scripts from ArmA are available in the Warefare Module in Arma II. In this […]

Twitter Digest for 2010-05-24 to 2010-05-30

Twitter Digest for 2010-05-24 to 2010-05-30

Web Based Mission Builder for Arma II & ArmA

Online Mission Builder William has created a thing that I can only describe as brilliant. A web based, drag and drop, combined arms mission planner/mission generator. What is Planned Assault? What William hasn’t done is replicate the ArmA/Arma II mission editor on a web site. It’s more abstract than that. With 10 simple steps you […]

Dynamic AI Creator Helicopter Zones for JCOVE Lite

Spawning Helicopters with DAC DAC allows you to spawn helicopter groups in a manner that is similar to how infantry, wheeled and tracked vehicle groups are spawned. There are differences however. Setting up a Helicopter Spawn Zone Just as I did with civilians I insert a trigger into my sample mission and configure it as […]