Why Is My Warfare Mission Freezing Arma II?

Arma II Warfare Start

Arma II Warfare Start

The Warfare Mission Was Killing My Arma II.

When I say killing, I mean Arma was showing “Not Responding”  in the task manager. It would just sit there and I would have to click end task and start over. After much beating of my head against the wall, pulling out of hair and gnashing of teath, I finally figured out what I was doing wrong. I actually wasn’t doing anything wrong.

Let me explain.

How I was Building My Warfare Missions

What I had done is extracted the example missions out of the Warfare module and I had been using them as a template. I was reusing everything but the mission.sqm. Everything was working fine with Arma II ver. 1.05 and then I upgraded to ver. 1.07.

My warfare experiments would start to load and then just sit there at “Receiving”. My old machine was acting kind of wonky so I replaced it, installed Combined Operations and all was well again.
I didn’t give it much thought, but then like a fool I installed the latest patch. I fired up my warfare mission and it froze my Arma just like before. Thinking myself clever I thought

“Well they must have changed the Warfare Module, so I must be doing things the old way.”

I unpboed the new patched Warfare module and grabbed the example missions. I started up the basic example mission and … it hung my Arma. Ok, so that proved it’s not me screwing things up, but I still had no idea what was wrong.  I blamed BIS at this point and figured I would have to patiently wait for them to fix what they broke in the next patch.

Starting Over – A Clean Warfare Mission

warfare mission editor

Warfare In The Mission Editor

Then one day this week, while I was trying to avoid real work, I opened up an empty stock Arma II map. I plopped down a rifleman, and a Warfare module. I synced them together, pressed preview and the mission worked. So it wasn’t the Warfare module! One of the example mission’s files was hanging up.

I grabbed the Init.sqf out of the example mission and dropped it into my test mission. I loaded my test mission and it worked.

Next I grabbed the Description.ext,  dropped it into my test mission and it worked too.

The last file I grabbed was InitJIPcompatible.sqf. I dropped it into my test mission, loaded it up and it hung. Success – of a sort. You see the InitJIPcompatible.sqf provided in the example mission is empty. There is nothing in it, so I’m not sure why Arma would hang. Anyway the moral of the story is:

An Empty InitJIPcompatible.sqf will hang your Arma II ver. 1.07 Warfare Mission.