Web Based Mission Builder for Arma II & ArmA

Online Mission Builder

William has created a thing that I can only describe as brilliant. A web based, drag and drop, combined arms mission planner/mission generator.

What is Planned Assault?

What William hasn’t done is replicate the ArmA/Arma II mission editor on a web site. It’s more abstract than that. With 10 simple steps you can be playing a fully complete mission – with no scripting from you. You won’t even have to place a single waypoint. What you will have to do is decide what units are available to both sides, place their starting positions on the map then place the attack and defend objectives. The plannedassault.com mission planner then analyzes the terrain, plans out the combined arms assault then builds the mission for download. The resulting mission has waypoints, markers, scripts and a full briefing. If you don’t like the result, since the mission is saved on the site you can go back, make changes and re-generate the mission.

My First Planned Assault Mission

Before you can create a mission you first have to create an account at www.plannedassault.com. Don’t register with a hotmail account, because you may never get the confirmation email. I had to use my gmail account.

For my first misson I chose to create a plain vanilla ArmA mission with no addons. If you would like to try before you sign up grab it or one of the others I’m tinkering with.

mission_Operation_Lema – requires ArmA, no mods

mission_Operation_Golf – requires ArmA and A.C.E. mod. Not tested!

mission_Operation_Hotel – requires Arma II, no mods. Not tested!

I haven’t tested the last two missions I created yet, so download them and let me know how they work out for you.


Official forum entry
bug reports – it is still beta, bound to be a few bugs