Used to add units to a Warfare factory. If the unit already exists, the values will be updated.


Side – East, West, or Resistance
Type – “Barracks”, “Light”, “Heavy”, “Aircraft”, “WingedAircraft”, “Depot”.
Classname – Config classname (Example “USMC_Soldier” or “RU_Soldier”).
Cost – Cost of unit. Empty cost for vehicles.
Build time – Time in seconds for unit to be made.


Points – Default: 0. Points earned towards increasing player rank when killing this unit.
Crew – Default: 1. Amount of crew for vehicle. Should only be 1-3 (Driver, Gunner, Commander).
Description – Default: Read from classname config
Image – Default: Read from classname config
Faction – Default: Read from classname config.


  • If setting barracks AND other factory type at game start then always set barracks first since it is used to calculate crew costs for vehicles.
  • In theory this function can be called any time during the mission to add/change the factory’s equipment list. However I noticed that the factory’s list doesn’t get refreshed. So if I change an existing units price the description gets updated and the unit will cost less, but the list of units will still show the original price. I think this is a client side issue.
  • If an Airport factory is synced to the Warfare module in the mission editor, any units added will show up on the equipment list. However when a unit is purchased it will sit on the queue and never be built. Units not modified/added by the function could still be purchased normally.
  • I haven’t tested this but instead of units, scripts can be added for purchase. Classname would contain the name of the script. Description and Image would then be required parameters.
  • calls function BIS_WF_ModifyUnitData


west soldier cost: $100 build time: 5 seconds, rank points earned for killing: 3.
[West,”Barracks”,”USMC_Soldier”,100,5,3] Call BIS_WF_AddUnitData

See Adding Units to Warfare Factories