Stopping the ACM Module From Spawning In An Area.

How to limit the Spawn Area of the Arma2 ACM Editor Module.

Last week I added the Ambient Combat Manager Module to my A10 practice mission. Now I need to limit the ACM module so it doesn’t spawn AI right on the airfield. The quickest way to do this is by using markers to blacklist the area around the airport.

Inserting a Blacklist Marker

To blacklist an area with markers I have to insert two specially named markers into my existing mission. The markers will define the top left and bottom right of my blacklisted area and will need to be named BIS_ACM_1 and BIS_ACM_2.

ACM Blacklist Markers

ACM Blacklist Markers

To insert the first marker I pressed Markers (F6) and double clicked to the North East of the airport. In the Name: field I typed BIS_ACM_1.
Note that the type of marker doesn’t matter as the ACM module will delete these specially named markers when it builds the blacklist.

I next inserted a marker to the South West of the airfield and named it BIS_ACM_2. These two markers should be enough to cover the airport and stop the ACM module from spawning AI in the middle of the runway. Note that this wont stop the ACM generated AI from moving through the airport or even stopping in the blacklisted area.


ACM Blacklist Area

To create multiple blacklist areas you would need to  insert multiple markers numbered sequentially to define the area. i.e. my next area would be defined by markers named BIS_ACM_3 and BIS_ACM_4.

One blacklist area should do me for my practice mission, but next time I think I’ll add some supporting units.


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