Changing The Settings For The Arma2 SOM Module.


A10 with SOM Module

Changing The Settings For The Secondary Operations Manager Module.

To help me improve my Arma II flying skills I threw together a mission using the SOM Editor Module. SOM generates random Secondary Operations (SecOps) that I complete while I fly around in an A-10. The problem I have is the SOM module’s default settings are more geared to infantry missions. The objectives are generated too close to the player and some are incompletable by an A-10 (It’s hard to link up with an infantry squad and escort them with an A-10). Also the module starts too soon and generates SecOps while I’m sitting on the runway, so I want to configure it to initialize later in the mission.

Inserting The SOM Module

In the mission editor I first inserted an A-10 on the runway at the Grishno airport in Chernarus. Then I pressed Modules (F7 ) double clicked on the map a bit away from the A-10, so that the editor wouldn’t group the units together. From the Unit: drop down box I selected SecOp Manager. To tell the SOM which unit to generate SecOps for, I chose Synchronize (F5), then clicked on the SOM module and draged the synchronize line to the A-10. See figure below.

SOM Module A-10

SOM Module Synchronized to A-10

SOM Initialization Settings

The settings that I wish to change are read from the SOM module’s Settings variable on mission start. The suggested way to change the settings of the SOM module is with a bit of script in the Module’s Initialization field. The script uses setVariable  to set the SOM’s “settings” variable with a bunch of arrays and strings. At first glance my example below looks a bit confusing, so I’ll try to break it down and explain each section and what it will accomplish for me.

this setVariable ["settings", [["attack_location","destroy"], true, ["Bravo", ["Bravo"], "H.Q.", ["HQ"]], 120, false,30,0.8,[2000, 4000]]];

Limiting the SecOp missions pool

From my example code above, the section ["attack_location","destroy"] is my SecOp Mission pool. Out of all the valid SecOp mission types, I only want this module to have the “attack_location”, “destroy” missions available to it.

The complete list of valid missions is: [“ambush”, “attack_location”, “trap”, “rescue”, “patrol”, “escort”, “defend_location”, “destroy”, “search”]

Radio Call Signs And Voices

From my example code above, the section , true, ["Bravo", ["Bravo"], "H.Q.", ["HQ"]]

true tells the SOM module that I want the Radio chatter on. If it is set to false the SOM module will build the SecOp mission and place a map marker, all silently.

"Bravo", ["Bravo"] Callsign text and built in Arma soundbite that will be inserted into the radio communications when the SOM module refers to the player. If I wanted to get fancy I could set the player’s callsign text to “Bravo 1” and then the corresponding sounds to [“Bravo”,”one”]

"H.Q.", ["HQ"] Callsign text and built in Arma soundbite that will be inserted into the radio communications when the SOM module refers to Head Quarters.

SOM Module Initial Delay

From my example code above, 120, is the initial delay (in seconds) before the SOM module will attempt to hand out the first SecOp. The default value is 30.

Automatic Reinforcements

I’ve set Automatic Reinforcements to false (off). If it was set to true, when the player looses a squad member the SOM module will Helo insert units to replace them.

Spacing Between Missions

From my example code above,30,0.8,

If there is no active SecOp mission, every 30 seconds there is an 80% chance (0.8) of the SOM module generating a new SecOp Mission. By playing with these two values you can change the time duration between a completed mission and the player being given a new SecOp. If you don’t like the randomness and wanted to have an exact spacing of 5 minutes between missions, for example, you would set  the values as 300,1 (every 300 seconds , 100% chance of a new mission)

Distance of SecOp Objectives

From my example code above, [2000, 4000]

This tells the SOM Module that I want the SecOp objectives to be generated between 2000 and 4000 meters from the player.

Once I’m finished typing the above script into the SOM’s Initialization field it looks like the figure below.

arma2OA secop manager

SecOp Manager Initialization

The SOM Editor Module with its initialization settings tweaked like I’ve done it here does a good job of generating random objectives for my A-10 training mission. Next week I’ll add the Ambient Combat Module to the mission to increase the challenge level.


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