Setting City Ownership in the Arma II Warfare Mission.

How to Change City Ownership at the Start of a Custom Warfare Mission.

By default the Arma II Warfare Module sets town or city ownership at the start of the mission. If you would like to change who controls a city at the start of your custom Warfare mission this can be done either with Game Logics or Scripts.

Using Game Logics to Set City’s Ownership

If you are building a Warfare mission on a custom map and have already created cities using game logics, then the easiest way of setting city ownership is by using an additional Location Game Logic. See Cities with the Arma II Warfare Module for an example on how to build cities/towns with Game Logics.

To set a City Location’s side you will need to insert another Location Logic. To do this first press F1 for Units, then double click on the map to insert a unit. In the Insert Unit dialog box you would set the following:

  • Side: Game Logic
  • Class: Locations
  • Unit: Owner (Blufor), Owner (Civilian), Owner (NAPA), Owner (Opfor)

Note that if you insert the Game logic too close to the City Logic the editor will automatically group the two objects with a light blue (cyan) line. You do not want this! If this happens to you either delete the unit and try inserting the unit again a little further away or un-group the units. To un-group units press F2, click on the unit, hold your mouse button down, then drag the group line to an empty spot on the map and let go of your mouse button.

Once you have your Location Logic inserted press F5 for Synchronize. Click and hold your mouse down on your Location logic; drag your mouse to the City Location Logic and release your mouse button. The editor should look something like this:

arma2 warfare city ownership

Setting City Ownership in the Editor

Now when my custom Warfare missions starts that city will be automatically owned by the West.

If you have many towns that you wish to set ownership to, scripting may be a quicker way to go about this. I plan on exploring that in the future.