Guard Waypoint

Guard Waypoint

The guard waypoint is used to instruct one or more AI groups to defend a particular location. Only one group will defend the location at a time, but when the first group is defeated the second will move in to defend. The guard waypoint is designed to be used with the ‘Guarded by‘ trigger.

Insert the Trigger

Place the trigger on the location you want the AI to defend. Set the type to guarded by and the side that will defending this point. The size, activation and orientation of the trigger has no effect.

Insert the Groups

Insert the groups and give them a guard waypoint. The group with the closest guard waypoint they will then move to the trigger location. The other groups will wait at their guard waypoints until called by the  trigger when the first group either flees or is destroyed.

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Without a Trigger

You can also use guard waypoints without a Guarded by trigger. The AI group will move to their guard waypoint and wait. When another AI group comes into contact with enemy forces, it may call on the group with the guard waypoint for support. The guarding group will then move to engage the enemy. Once the area is clear, the guarding group will then move back to its guard waypoint and wait for another support call. Using the guard waypoints in this manner makes it easy to setup a mission where the AI can call for support without you having to use a script.