How to Setup the Arma II Warfare Module.

Setting up the Arma II Warfare Module on a Custom Map.

For this example I’m going to use the beautiful 10×10 Helmand Valley by Kinno. Its a big download requiring two other maps but its a nice looking map and a warfare mission on it could be fun.

In the Mission Editor

To start creating a basic Warfare mission I first open up the mission editor and insert a standard west rifleman on the map. Then I saved the mission and alt-tabbed to the desktop. From the sample mission I grabbed the following files and copied them to my newly created mission folder.

  • briefing.html
  • Description.ext
  • Init.sqf
  • InitJIPcompatible.sqf
  • InitMission.sqf

Next I Alt-Tabbed back into Arma II. I pressed F7 to select modules, double clicked on the map and chose the Warfare Module. In the Initialization field I pasted the following script:

BIS_WF_Common SetVariable ["customInitMissionScript","InitMission.sqf"];

This script calls InitMission.sqf, one of the files I had copied from the sample Warfare mission. InitMission.sqf will allow me to use custom parameters for the Warfare module, which I plan on doing later.

The next step is to Synchronize the player to the Warfare Module. I press F5 for synchronize, click on the player then drag the mouse to the Warfare Module.

Arma II Warfare Module Custom Map

Warfare Module On a Custom Map

The basic mission is now ready for a preview so I save it, click preview and am greeted with the following site:

Helmand Valley Custom Warfare Mission

Helmand Valley Custom Warfare Mission

Notice that the warfare module automatically spawned the LAV HQ, based on the side (west in this example) of the player. Also notice that the starting position of the mission is not random; its right where I placed the rifleman. If you were to look at the map, you would also notice that there are no capturable cities. We’ll fix this next time – Capturable Cities with the Arma II  Warfare Module.


Helmand Valley Map
Custom Map Warfare Example

BIS Warfare Example missions: