Creating Bunkers for Arma II Warfare City Defense.

How To Automatically Spawn Bunkers For City Defense.

ArmaII Warfare Module Camps

Warfare Module Camps

The Warfare module can spawn camps/bunkers to aid in city defense. Usable by both the Player and the AI, these bunkers will increase city capture time and allow for the building of additional defensive assets. (machine gun nests etc.).

I had mentioned how to create these camps/bunkers when I was talking about how to setup City Locations using the Warfare module (read this first) but I glossed over the details. So here are the details.

In Your Mission Editor.

Warfare Module City Loctions

City Loctions

I’m going to assume that you have built a mission with the Warfare module and setup a City Location like the figure to the right. If you have not, read
Cities with the Arma II Warfare Module first. To Create a camp/bunker to defend your city you will have to insert a Camp Location game logic and synchronize it to the city location.

Inserting A Camp Location Logic

To insert a Camp select Units (F1) in the mission editor and double click where you would like the Warfare module to spawn a camp/bunker. In my example I’m going to insert one north of my city.  In the Insert Unit dialog box change the following settings:

Side: Game Logic

Class: Locations

Unit: Camp

Azimut: Direction (Azimuth) you would like the Camp to face when spawned.

Your dialog box should look like the figure below. Click finish to insert the camp. (To give a bit more randomness to your Warfare mission you can also change the Probabilty of Presence and Placement Radius of the Camp Location Logic.)

Inserting a Warfare Camp Location.

Inserting a Warfare Camp Location.

Synchronize The Camp With The City

To tell the Warfare Module which city the camp belongs to you will need to synchronize the Camp Location Logic to your existing City Location Logic.

First make sure that your Camp and City Location Logics are not grouped together (A light blue between the two). Arma has a feature that groups together units inserted near each other in the editor – you don’t want them grouped. If your units are grouped, first select Groups (F2), then click and hold your mouse button on one of the Game Logics. Drag your mouse to an empty area of the map and release your mouse button. This will ungroup your Units.

To synchronize your Camp to your city select Synchronize (F5), then click and hold your mouse button on your Camp Location logic. Drag your mouse to the City Location Logic and let go of your mouse. You should have something that looks like the figure below.

Warfare Camp Locations

Warfare Camp Locations

If everything is setup correctly when you start your mission you should see a random camp spawn at you Camp Location Logic.

Random Warfare Bunker

Random Warfare Bunker


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