Creating Arma II Warfare Starting Locations.

How to create starting locations for the Warfare Module.

If you are building a Warfare Mission on a custom map you may find that the map maker has not configured any start locations for the Warfare Module. Without these your mission will always spawn the player at the exact location the unit was placed in the editor. Setting up custom starting locations is dead easy however.

Warfare Starting Locations – Mission Editor

Last week I added cities to my Helmand Valley Warfare Mission. I’m going to continue building on that mission, so I open it up in the editor.

The hardest part of setting up starting locations is choosing the location. The location needs to be relatively flat and clear of objects. It should also not be too close to a city or another starting location. That would make for a short mission! Once I figure out where I want my first starting location, I insert a Game Logic there. In the Game Logic’s Name field I insert the following script:


For the next starting location I insert another Game Logic and place StartingLocation1 in it’s name field. For the next location another Game Logic with StartingLocation2 in it’s name field etc. And that is all there is to it.