Creating an Airport Factory in Arma II Warfare

Using a script to Create an Airport Factory

I was poking around in the Warfare example missions last night and noticed how BIS was using the Airport factory.

The Warfare 1 Editing Guide

What I realized was that the Warfare 1 scripts from ArmA are available in the Warefare Module in Arma II. In this case Server_UpdateAirport.sqf. Somehow I had missed this.

See Warfare 1 Editing Guide

Creating an Aircraft Factory

The first step is to insert an Aircraft Factory which can be found in the editor under F1, empty, Warfare Objects. In the object’s Initialize field BIS placed the following script:

nullReturn = [this,Localize "str_wf2_gl_airport"] ExecVM "ca\Warfare2\Scripts\Server\Server_UpdateAirport.sqf";
this SetVariable ["markerName","Airport1LocationMarker"];

Once the factory is inserted place a marker on the Aircraft Factory and name it Airport1LocationMarker, same as in the SetVariable line above.

This will create a capture-able, undefended Aircraft Factory.


ArmA Warfare 1 Editing Guide
Arma II Sample mission: WarfareExampleMinimal