Creating a Simple Mission

One of the new Arma II features I’ve been interested in are the editor modules. To try them out I’m going to walk through building a simple single player mission. I’m particularly interested in the Dynamic Object and Secondary Operations modules.

If you are following along I’m assuming that you are familiar with the basics of Arma II mission editing: inserting units, saving etc.

Mission Outline

For my simple little mission the player will start from an observation post, patrol through a town, deal with any enemy along the way and return to the observation post.

Dynamic Object module (DynO)

According to the biki the DynO will allow you to build sets of objects from existing templates. Armaholic has a nice set of reference images from the built in library. I’m going to use the template called “guardpost3_us” for my observation post.

First I’ll place a game logic on the map where I would like my observation post created.  To call the DynO I place the following script in the game logic’s Init field.

[getPos this, getdir this, "guardpost3_us"] call (compile (preprocessFileLineNumbers "ca\modules\dyno\data\scripts\objectMapper.sqf"));

The parameters I’m passing to the script, getPos this, getdir this are the position and direction of the game logic, allowing me to tweak the placement of my observation post just by moving or changing the direction of the game logic.

Guard Post 3 US

Base Created by DynO

Now that I have my observation post being created where I want it, it’s time to man it.

BIS has a function just for this, which I’ll examine in my next post.