Creating a Simple Mission – Part 3

Secondary Operations Manager

The Secondary Operations Manager (SOM) editor module is used to manage player support requests or generate side missions (Secondary Operations or SecOps) that the player can perform. Usage of the SOM can be straight forward, but it has a few options to customize the generated SecOps missions that can be a bit hairy. To keep things simple I’ll start with the basic SOM module, disable the side SecOps missions and then add support missions for the player to call.

Support Requests

First I’ll insert the SOM module in the editor, making sure that it isn’t grouped with any other unit (F2). Then I’ll synchronize (F5) the module with the player. To disable the standard side missions I add the following code to the SOM module’s init.

this setVariable ["settings", [[], true, nil, nil, false]];

With the SOM module in place I’ll add the support requests for the player. The available support requests are: “transport”, “supply_drop”, “tactical_airstrike”, “artillery_barrage”

The only support I want the player to have is “artillery_barrage” and I want to limit it’s availability. I’ve also decided that the artillery will only be available once the player has completed the first objective, moving to the observation post I’d created before. So I create the first waypoint by the observation post and add this to the on activate field:

[["artillery_barrage"], player] call BIS_SOM_addSupportRequestFunc;

I could have used this same code on a repeating trigger to have unlimited artillery missions, but for my simple little mission this will work quite well.

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