Creating A Simple Mission – Part 2

In my last entry I showed how to create an observation post using Dynamic Object Compositions or DynO module. Now it’s time to man my post with friendlies.


The easiest way to accomplish the manning of my observation post is with the built in funtion bis_fnc_taskDefend
This function will cause some members of a group to man static weapons within 100m of a position, sit on the ground or patrol the area. Very cool.

First I have to add the Functions editor module, making sure it is neither grouped, or synchronized with anything. This module will make all the BIS functions available in my mission. Next I add a Bluefor squad and create them a waypoint at my observation post. In the on activation field of the waypoint I’m going to add two lines of code to setup the defense of the observation point.

The first line of code:

waituntil {!isnil “bis_fnc_init”};

just causes the script engine to wait until the Functions module is done initializing. The next bit of code:

[group this, getPos obs_post] call bis_fnc_taskDefend

calls the bis_fnc_taskDefend with my Bluefor group’s name and the position of my observation post game logic (obs_post). The group should then man the .50cal of my observation post while others patrol or loiter around the defenses.

Next time: Playing around with the Secondary Operations Manager.