Controlling AI with Voice Commands.

Using Speech Recognition To Control An Arma II AI Squad.

For single player gaming, nothing I’ve encountered compares to commanding a squad of Arma AI using voice commands. When things get hairy its good fun and rather immersive to start yelling out commands and have your squad perform as directed (hopefully).


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Software for Arma 2 Voice Recognition

To setup your computer for voice recognition with Arma you will need a decent microphone. A better quality microphone will make the speech recognition more accurate, but you don’t need professional grade hardware. I use an old pair of mid-range Altec Lansing head phones with a built in microphone. The software you will need depends on your operating system. At a minimum you will need to grab a command application program that maps your speech to Arma keyboard sequences.

If you have Windows XP

piLfluS command application – free
Shoot is also a good free alternative.
– not free, 30day trial

In addition to one of the above you will need the Microsoft Speech recognition engine if you don’t already have it.

If You Have Windows 7

VAC – not free, 30day trial

If You Have Vista

piLfluS command application – free
Shoot is also a good free alternative.
– not free, 30day trial

If You Have Mac OSx

???? (I looked but my ignorance of things Macish is astounding. Anyone have any suggestions? )

Speech Recognition Profile For Arma 2

The profile file maps your recognized voice to the appropriate keystrokes for Arma. eg. you may say “select team red” and the profile maps this to the keystrokes 9 9 1

You can either build a profile from scratch or grab an existing profile and customize it to your liking.

piLfluS profile
Shoot profile
VAC profile

Video Example Of VAC and Arma 2

Arma 2 Kiawa oh-58 addon

Kiawa oh-58

I threw together a quick mission using the OH-58 Kiowa Warrior addon with an AI AH-64 Apache. I dropped in the Secondary Operations Module (SOM) and Ambient Combat module to generate some targets. HQ (via the SOM) then radioed a request for me to provide Close Air Support for an outpost under attack. This is where the video starts.

Note how the tone of my voice changes when my AI copilot calls out contacts right underneath us while I’m looking at the map.

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