Cities with the Arma II Warfare Module.

How to use the Arma II warfare module with Cities.

If you are trying to build a warfare mission on a custom map, it is possible that the map has no city locations configured on it. This is the case with the Beta 10×10 Helmand Valley by Kinno that I started building my warfare mission on last week. The quickest way to add cities and camps to my custom warfare mission is to open up the mission editor and drop in some location objects.

Warfare In The Mission Editor

Last week I created the bare beginnings of a custom warfare mission. Now I need to tell the Warfare Module where my cities are. To do this I press F1 for units, and double click where I want my city to be. For Side I chose side Game Logic, class Locations, Unit type of City.

city location logic

City Location Logic

In the Initialization field I paste the following script:

this SetVariable["name","Testville"];

This will be the name of the city that the Warfare Module will display when it assigns missions for the player, when the city is captured etc. You may want to come up with a better name than “Testville”.

Once my City Location is inserted, I press F5 for Synchronize, click and hold the mouse button on the City Location Unit, then drag and drop the synchronize line to the Warfare Module.
Next I insert a standard Game Logic and synchronize it to my City Location. Note: be careful when you insert the game logic near the City Location as Arma will automatically Group the two Units; represented by a light blue (cyan) line. This is not what you want. At this point your mission should look like my screen shot bellow.

Warfare Module City Locations

Example Arma 2 Warfare City Loctions

The next thing I need is camps to defend my city. I set these up by inserting the Camp Location Logic where I want the camp to be spawned, then synchronizing it with my City Location Logic. When I preview the mission and walk over to my city, this is what I see.

City Capture Custom Arma ii warfare mission

City Capture

Next time I’ll setup some random starting locations for my new warfare mission.


Helmand Valley Map
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