Starting a Mission in a Parachute

Starting a Mission in a Parachute

To have the player start an ArmA mission in a deployed parachute is quite easy. Select F1 to insert a unit, choose your side and for Class select Air. Select parachute as the Unit type. Make sure you set Special to flying, and you will start the mission as a Special Forces unit floating in a parachute.  If you want to have anything other than the default Special Forces unit, it is a bit more involved.

Insert a Playable Unit

In the mission editor you first have to insert a playable unit so that EMPTY will then be a valid option under SIDE. Note that this doesn’t have to be the unit that will start the mission in the parachute. Once a playable unit is on the map you can then insert an empty parachute.

Insert an Empty Parachute

Insert a unit and for side: chose empty. If  empty is not an option and you only see West or East, make sure you have a player unit on the map and try again. Once you have selected Empty as the side, select Class type Air, then Unit: parachute. Set Special: to Flying and give the parachute a name. For this example I’ve called it p1. Now that you have an empty parachute we can move the unit we want into it.

Move Unit Into Parachute

To place a unit into the empty parachute insert this line of code into the unit’s initialization field.

this moveInDriver p1

Where this refers to the unit we’re putting into the parachute, and p1 is the name of the parachute.

Now when you start the mission this unit will be floating in a deployed parachute.

Note that this method will only work with units of class Man. To attach another type of unit to a parachute, for example a tank, would require more complex scripting.  An example of this would be kronzky’s air drop script.