How To Setup ArmA’s Built In Support System.

Using the Support Waypoint in ArmA.

Arma AI Refuel Truck

Player Refueling

ArmA has a built in support system which will allow players and AI to call for support from other AI. Now I’m not talking combat support here, I’m talking about support from a medic, or other support vehicle. (fuel, repair or ammo truck)

This basic support system can be implemented in the mission editor simply without any scripting.

A Support System Without Scripting

The best thing about the built-in ArmA support system is the setup. It’s dead simple with no scripting or configuration. Yet it’s quit powerful. The AI will automatically call for support, then the appropriate group will move to the AI’s location, provide the requested support and wait for further calls. All done in the mission editor with just a unit placement and waypoint.

Valid Support Units

For a group of units to be valid for a support request the group must contain one of the following: a medic, ambulance, fuel, ammo or repair vehicle. The group can contain other units but note that all units will dismount from vehicles when they arrive at the support location. The units will stay dismounted until another support call requires them to travel to meet a support request.

As an example I’m going to insert a fuel truck into a mission.

ArmA fuel truck editor

Inserting a refuel truck

The Support Waypoint

The support waypoint type is what causes the editor placed units to respond to support calls. Without this waypoint, HQ will just radio back “Negative” to any requests made.

Where you place the support waypoint depends on the design of the mission you are building. You can have additional waypoints before and/or after the support waypoint, or just the support waypoint by itself. For my missions I tend to place the support unit well back of the combat area and a single support waypoint near where I place the unit.  For example:

Arma refuel Support Waypoint

Support Waypoint

Another thing I like to do is add a few additional units to the support group. I do this because the AI will make support requests regardless of the combat situation. By beefing up the support group I give them a fighting chance.

Arma Refuel Support Group

Refuel Support Group

In the above screenshot I’ve added an unarmored humvee and two additional riflemen to my support group. I’ve set the refuel truck’s rank as the highest to make sure it is the group leader. I do this just to make sure the rest of the group tags along on the support request. Also note that there is no point in having armored units in the support group. The crewmen will just dismount and fight on foot when they get to the support area.

Arma Support Group

Arma Support Group

Player Called Support

Now my refuel support group is ready for both the AI and player to call upon. The player can call support through the command menu -> Call support option. Note that once the player is done with the support group they must release the group with command menu -> Call support -> Done. The AI will not respond to support requests until the player releases the group in this manner.

Arma Support Done

Support Done


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