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January 2011

Adding Support Units To An Arma2 Mission.

Logistical Support for my A-10 Practice Mission. One of the benefits of using the Ambient Combat Manager coupled with the Secondary Operations Manager are they create plenty of random targets for me to practice on. This is good as I need the practice. The problem is I’m soon injured with my plane shot up, and […]

Stopping the ACM Module From Spawning In An Area.

How to limit the Spawn Area of the Arma2 ACM Editor Module. Last week I added the Ambient Combat Manager Module to my A10 practice mission. Now I need to limit the ACM module so it doesn’t spawn AI right on the airfield. The quickest way to do this is by using markers to blacklist […]

Changing The Settings For The Arma2 ACM Module.

Changing The Settings For The Ambient Combat Manager Module. The Arma 2 Ambient Combat Manager (ACM) editor module spawns random patrols in the area around the player to simulate a larger conflict. The ACM module handles the random generation, waypoints and cleanup of the AI squads without having to insert the units manually into the […]