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October 2010

Creating Bunkers for Arma II Warfare City Defense.

How To Automatically Spawn Bunkers For City Defense. The Warfare module can spawn camps/bunkers to aid in city defense. Usable by both the Player and the AI, these bunkers will increase city capture time and allow for the building of additional defensive assets. (machine gun nests etc.). I had mentioned how to create these camps/bunkers […]

db’s Twitter Digest for 2010-10-11 to 2010-10-17

db’s Sandbox: Arma Twitter Digest for 2010-10-11 to 2010-10-17

Why Is My Warfare Mission Freezing Arma II?

The Warfare Mission Was Killing My Arma II. When I say killing, I mean Arma was showing “Not Responding”  in the task manager. It would just sit there and I would have to click end task and start over. After much beating of my head against the wall, pulling out of hair and gnashing of […]

Random City Ownership In The Arma II Warfare Module.

How To Set City Ownership With Random Start Locations. Last week I played with setting City ownership in the Warfare module using location game logics synchronized to individual cities. If you are using random start locations static city ownership at the start may not be what you want for your mission. The Warfare module offers […]