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March 2010


What is JCOVE Lite? JCOVE Lite is a stripped down, freeware version of the UK Ministry of Defense’s Joint Combat Operations Virtual Environment (JCOVE). JCOVE is based on VBS2 VTK by Bohemia Interactive and uses the same Real Virtuality 2 gaming engine as ArmA Armed Assault. You can download it by registering at jcove-lite.co.uk First Impressions […]

Creating a Simple Mission – Part 5

Random Patrols One way to give a mission a little more re-playability is to add some random elements. The built in function BIS_fnc_taskPatrol will allow me to assign my randomly created OPFOR AI a randomly created patrol route around a location. See previous post for instructions on setting up the Functions editor module. To call […]

Creating a Simple Mission – Part 4

Spawning Random Groups One of the functions (BIS_fnc_spawnGroup) BIS has provided allows you to spawn a random group or any group listed under the group (F2) function. For my mission I’d like to spawn a random OPFOR  group of 12 units and have them patrol the town. I put a game logic where I wanted […]

Creating a Simple Mission – Part 3

Secondary Operations Manager The Secondary Operations Manager (SOM) editor module is used to manage player support requests or generate side missions (Secondary Operations or SecOps) that the player can perform. Usage of the SOM can be straight forward, but it has a few options to customize the generated SecOps missions that can be a bit […]